About 8rooklyn 8atman

Born in Brooklyn, New York, L. Joevon professionally known as the 8rooklyn 8atman currently lives and produces in New York City as a writer with various artistic abilities. His creativity helped him endure many of the obstacles he faced by escaping the reality of his life. L was raised by a single misguided mother until the age of seven. Growing up in a broken home generated a lot of misguided confusion and anger. After going through eight foster homes, he realized he needed to find a way to cope with his pain. His outlet became art.

With no family to trust. L found one within the New York City Crip Gang where he was praised for his loyalty and support. His commitment to the streets built his rep and landed him in incarceration at the ripe age of 17. After his short stay, he was approached with the opportunity to be a hype-man for the hip-hop groups Re-Up Gang and Cult Team. Having his foot in the door, L. Joevon found a new love for music and the industry. At the age of 19, while creating a mixtape under a different alias, L was gunned down in an attack that nearly took his life. Despite the odds, he got back on his feet and completed the album with conscience filled raps based on the truths he witnessed in his neighborhood. In less than two months, he sold over 2,000 copies of his first mixtape “Ethiopian”.

L. Joevon performed in local underground spots that landed him a management deal. Unfortunately, L experienced the manipulation of power over talented individuals in the industry. He was faced with a decision to make; either become a puppet for funding, or take his career into his own hands. L chose to defend himself, and was faced with three years of incarceration. During his time, he started using his creative mind to escape the reality he was facing.

L received news from an ex-girlfriend that he had a son. Grief consumed him as L felt responsible for becoming an absent father. He wrote Seeds in the Concrete along with multiple songs inspired by his time in solitary confinement. He found answers to problems through autonomy, and used that to create an ultimate new reality to live in. He studied business, philosophy, and the arts. Through this L found that the greatest and most vital tool was love.

L. Joevon is currently being managed by Am’I ( Autonomy Manifested, Inc.) He is working hard to craft an innovative and creative project. Through Seeds in the Concrete, L. Joevon is hoping to inspire others to be the seed growing from the concrete.